The Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is dedicated to promoting the independence, empowerment, and inclusion of Ohioans with disabilities.
We have a 19 Member Council that is a majority of individuals with significant disabilities that represents the entire State of Ohio. Click here to learn more about the SILC and our Council Members.
Upcoming Meetings and Events
All Council Meetings are open to the public. If you would like to be included in the email distribution for meetings please contact the staff or subscribe to our mailing list. Meeting information and agendas will be posted a week before all Council meetings and can be found here on our website.

SILC Meetings February 19-20th, 2020
Embassy Suites at the Columbus Airport

Next Council Meetings
February 19 – 20, 2020
May 20 – 21, 2020
August 19 – 20, 2020
October 21 – 22. 2020
How can you get involved?
The Ohio SILC relies on community input and feedback for our State Plan for Independent Living. Every three years a new plan is created that serves as a roadmap for all of the Independent Living Network which includes the Centers for Independent Living (make that a link to the page), the SILC (make that a link to the about us), and our State Partners. Subscribe to our mailing list!
State Plan available
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