What are Centers for Independent Living?

Courtesy of ADA National Network (adata.org)

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The Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council (Ohio SILC) stands in solidarity with our communities across Ohio that are experiencing inequity and injustice.

Every year in Washington DC members of Ohio’s disability community have marched with others from across the country to raise awareness of the issues that impact the disability community across the nation. This march is led by a banner quoting Martin Luther King Jr. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We stand with those speaking out against systemic discrimination, your voices are being heard. As an organization, we always look to support systemic advocacy that will lead to greater equality and inclusion. We know within every community, there are individuals with disabilities that are impacted. People of all backgrounds and ability deserve equality, and right now our communities of color are using their voices to bring about change for a stronger future.

Regional Youth Leadership Forum

The Ohio SILC is very excited to have the Centers for Independent Living  working with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities to bring Regional Youth Leadership Forums across Ohio!

The Regional Youth Leadership Forums were held virtually and a great success!

State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL)

Click here to read the current state plan.

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 / COVID-19  

Below are links that can provide information and resources on COVID-19:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
State of Ohio

For specific questions on the Order and how it will impact you or your work, please contact your local health department.

Find your local Health Districthttps://odh.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/odh/find-local-health-districts

The Ohio SILC is committed to do our part to increase the safety of all Ohioans including those most at risk, and to lessen the related impacts on our health care system. Currently, staff are working from home and continuing to communicate with our partners.