Executive Committee

Required Members: The members of the Executive Committee shall be the OSILC Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, the CIL Representative, and the most recent Chair. The Executive Director shall be an ex-officio member without the right to vote.

Purpose: The committee is designated to handle any business needing addressed between Council Meetings, emergency situations, short-term executive decisions, and to act as the Personnel committee to oversee the administrative operations of the SILC. At least once per year the committee will lead a full review of the bylaws of the SILC as well as other Board Policies.

Education and Outreach Committee

Co-Chais: Katie Shelley and Nichole Davis 
Purpose: Responsible for conducting outreach and education of Independent Living to members of the disability community as well as the general public. The Committee will also have the responsibility to recruit new potential SILC Members and engage people with disabilities about possible interest in becoming a member of the SILC.

Community Advancement and Advocacy Committee

Co-Chairs: Kara Ayers and Gina Wilt 

Purpose: Responsible for assessing and addressing community needs, learning more about barriers to community living, working with the IL Network to address issues and barriers. The Committee will monitor policy issues and work on systemic advocacy to further the mission of the SILC and Independent Living.

State Plan for Independent Living Committee

Co-Chairs: Melanie Hogan and Davey McNelly 

Purpose: Responsible for regular monitoring of the State Plan for Independent Living goals. This will include working with IL Network to collect data, track progress, and address issues. The committee will report any recommendations for revisions and amendments to the Council.