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Become A Council Member

The Education and Outreach Committee and Executive Committee of the Ohio SILC will review materials of all candidates and submit names to the full council for approval and then to the governor for consideration of appointment. To assist the Nominating Committee in its deliberations, each candidate must:

  • Complete State Boards ad Commission Application an Questionnaire
  • Include two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Include a resume or curriculum vitae

REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP come from the Rehabilitation Act of 1992, as amended per 34CFR 364.21.

Additional requisites:

  1. Write a brief paragraph of your perspective on Independent Living. Include in your statement a description of your knowledge of Centers for Independent Living, Title VII of Rehabilitation Act and the OSILC mandate.
  2. Include a Nominee Statement: I Want to be considered appointment to the OSILC because I can contribute…
  3. Please identify yourself according to the following categories:
    • Primary consumer representative (person with a disability). I meet this requirement because…(please describe your disability and when it began)
    • Parent or guardian of a person with a disability. I meet this requirement because my relative has a disability. Please state your relationship to the person with the disability and describe his or her disability and when it began.
    • Representative from a private advocacy organization. Please state name of organization.
    • Other, please explain.

Return this application and other requested materials to: