State Plan

The primary Duty of the SILC is jointly developing the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL or state plan) with the CILs in the state, after public input from individuals with disabilities, other stakeholders, and all segments of the public. The SPIL serves as a blueprint that encompasses the activities planned by the state to achieve its specified independent living objectives. It reflects the state’s commitment to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements during the three years covered by the plan.

A SPIL must reflect the needs of individuals with significant disabilities in the state. To accurately describe the complexity of the challenges and barriers encountered both individually and at the systems level requires a thoughtful, organized approach.

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Current State Plan for Independent Living

State Plan Approval Letter

An overview of our current goals
System AdvocacyOhio IL Network will participate in activities at the local, state, and/or federal level to assess current barriers to housing, transportation, and health care.The Ohio IL Network will create a policy priority report that addresses specific barriers to the integration and full inclusion of people with disabilities with priorities for future advocacy being identified.10/1/20199/30/2020
Increase Independent Living & Community IntegrationPeople with disabilities will be given the opportunity to achieve their identified goals in maximizing and increasing their independence in the community.The IL Network will measure the number of individuals that develop goals on an independent living plans, the number of individual goals set, and the number of goals completed.10/1/20199/30/2020
Increase Independent Living & Community IntegrationIndividuals with disabilities will gain the IL Skills and knowledge to become more independent.The IL Network will provide IL Services to individuals in the community to increase their independence.10/1/20199/30/2020
Increase Community Access and OutreachThe IL Network will create opportunities for individuals to better understand the needs and barriers of individuals with disabilities.The IL Network will track all activities in the community that provide community education, outreach, collaboration, and technical assistance in efforts to promote the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities.10/1/20199/30/2020
Increase Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Satisfactions of IL ServicesIL Network will implement the framework developed in 2017-2019 to consistently measure outcomes and better show the impacts to Independent Living Services.By 9/30/2020 all elements of the framework will be implemented and reporting on the outcomes will begin.10/1/20199/30/2020