Center for Independent Living (CILs) Funding

Center for Independent Living (CILs) Funding

The Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) and the Centers for Independent Living
(CILs) want to thank the General Assembly for the continued support of the work our network
does. We appreciate the House adding one million in funding, and the Senate further
increasing by another one million for our important work.

The CILs across Ohio are ready to meet increasing demands in our communities, expand
services available, and continue the work that has led to greater independence for individuals
with disabilities in Ohio.

CIL funding enables individuals with disabilities to live in their homes with their families where
they can work, attend school, worship, and participate in other community activities. CILs are
hubs of disability information, resources, services, and advocacy. CILs are vital to the whole
community. It also creates tremendous savings for the state. For each individual we help stay in
the community or transition, we save at least $31,000 per person, annually.

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