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Why Julia, a New ‘Sesame Street’ Muppet, Will be Important for Every Family to Watch

“Families everywhere are celebrating Julia, the first new “Sesame Street” muppet to go on air in a decade. Julia also has autism. And that’s a big deal.”


He Uses a Wheelchair, and So Does This TV Character. That Matters More Than You Think.

“It matters that Luca is able to see himself in shows because it turns out that not seeing positive portrayals of others who look or act like you can result in low self-esteem.”


Nike Improves Shoe Accessibility

“Nike first introduced FlyEase in 2015 after hearing from a teenager with cerebral palsy who sought a shoe he could put on independently. The original FlyEase design relied on a wrap-around zipper to fasten the shoe and included a larger opening at the back to make it simpler to slide feet in and out.”


The Top 5 Accessibility Apps for People with Disabilities

“In today’s world of a perpetually connected and mobile society, people with disabilities are faced with a whole new set of challenges. This stems mainly from the fact that there are currently no hard guidelines that bind developers into making their apps accessible to all. Fortunately, however, there are an increasing number of apps designed specifically to augment the capabilities of those with disabilities.”


Obstetrician 3D Prints Ultrasound Models for Visually Impaired Parents-to-be

“Unsurprisingly, GE is behind the ultrasound technology which allows for a 3D print to be made. And thanks to Dr. Heron Werner, a gynecologist and obstetrician working at the DASA clinic in Rio de Janeiro, patients can now have the joy of going beyond sharing the typical 2D pics from the ultrasound. This resonates even more deeply with Ana Paula Silveira and her husband, Alvaro Zermiani, as both São Paulo residents are blind.”