State Plan Comments

2024 One-Year State Plan Amendment


The Administration for Community Living has provided guidance that States must complete an amendment of their current State Plan for Independent Living to extend the Plan for one additional year.

States have the option of a technical amendment, one that makes minor revisions, or a substantial amendment, one that makes changes that include funding, service areas, or major adjustments.


The Ohio SILC held meetings with members of the CIL network to discuss the current Plan and the types of changes that are needed to extend the Plan for an additional year. After the meetings, a draft of the revision has been created.

The workgroup reviewing the Plan has agreed that the State will submit a substantial amendment.

This draft has been reviewed by the State Plan Committee of the SILC. After the Committee review, the Ohio SILC accepted the Committee’s recommendation on moving forward in the process with a substantial amendment.

Administration for Community Living has been informed of the decision to move forward with a substantial amendment.

Download Updated Plan and Summary Notice:

2021-2024 State Plan for Independent Living – 1 Year Amendment

2024 State Plan Amendment Summary

Public Comment Opportunities

The draft amendment will be available on the Ohio SILC website for review until May 1st.

There will be two public forums for the State Plan with virtual attendance options

Updates in the Amendment by Section

Title Page and Executive Summary

      • Updates to the Dates to end in 2024

Section 1: Goals, Objectives, and Activities

      • Section 1.1 – No changes
      • Section 1.2 – No Changes
      • Section 1.3
          • Current Objectives end on 9/30/23 as in previous Plan.
          • New Objective added to Goal 1
          • New Objective added to Goal 2
          • New Objective added to Goal 3
      • Section 1.4
          • New Evaluation methods added for three new objectives.
      • Section 1.5
          • Financial Table amended to include FFY 2024

Section 2: Scope, Extent, and Arrangement of Services

                – Section 2.1 – No changes

                – Section 2.2 – Language changes added in Outreach Plan

                – Section 2.3 – No Changes

Section 3: Network of Centers

      • Section 3.1
          • Compliance language added.
          • Athens County added to Southeastern Ohio Center for Independent Living’s Part C Service Area.
      • Section 3.2
          • Base funding Levels increased for all Centers.
          • Athens County removed as unserved county.
          • Athens added to Part C Service Area included in language.

Section 4: Designated State Entity (DSE)

      • Section 4.1 – No Changes
      • Section 4.2 – No Changes
      • Section 4.3 – No Changes
      • Section 4.5 – No Changes
      • Section 4.6 – No Changes
      • Section 4.7 – No Changes

 Section 5: Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

      • Section 5.1 – No Changes
      • Section 5.2 – No Changes
      • Section 5.3 – No Changes

Section 6: Legal Basis and Certifications

      • Section 6.1 – No Changes
      • Section 6.2 – No Changes
      • Section 6.3 – No Changes
      • Section 6.4 – No Changes

Section 7: DSE Assurances

      • No changes

Section 8: SILC Assurances and Indicators of Minimum Compliance

      • No changes

Section 9: Signatures

      • Changes to update CIL directors